Eliana Silva - LOBA

Eliana Silva

web project manager

I graduated in Computer Engineering 2007 in networks and communications at ESTG in Leiria.

What defines us best is the way others see us and characterize us. Characteristics such as versatility, straightforwardness, pragmatism and availability, focused on achieving the proposed objectives, are considered tools that boost team spirit.

One of the most important factors is respecting ourselves, being aware that we all need each other, surrounding ourselves with intelligent people and having the humility to embrace our failures, because they are our learning tools.

I was born by the sea, near Figueira da Foz, the daughter of a fisherman and the granddaughter of fishermen and fishmongers. I'm proud of my roots.
Wonderful parents and a sister I consider the best woman on earth. A source of inspiration. They have contributed to the woman I am today. It's not about having a lot; it's about contributing, having an opinion, doing our best, and always respecting others.

"It's not enough to acquire wisdom, you also have to know how to use it".

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