David Pinho - LOBA

David Pinho


Born in Venezuela, raised in Portugal, and matured in Southeast Asia - Cambodia.

My passion began when I started paying too much attention to the surrounding graphics I could see on the street, any combination of shapes and colours I could absorb. I found inspiration from posters, advertising, and street art, which motivated me to study graphic design. Due to my curiosity and high attention to detail, I might have a perfectionism disorder as I am obsessed with symmetry. Although I am not a nerd-computer-scientist, I like to be more rational than illustrative. I prefer things made in a genuine form that is filled with the unexpected and surprises.

I have been a graphic designer for the past 15 years, but I'm a student in progress as I always find new things to learn and improve myself.

    What inspires me:


    What distinguishes me:

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