Web Development

At LOBA, our commitment is to create global web solutions and, for that, we have a software engineering team specialized in the several areas of web development.

Web Development



The visual component of your platform and the experience it provides to your customers is a key factor for success. The technology that best fits your project is chosen taking into account its purpose.In Loba, our frontend team uses languages ​​and frameworks such as: HTML, CSS, Javascript, ReactJs, VueJS AngularJS.



Your business rules are implemented by our backend team, where the language and framework that best suits your platform or Web services is chosen. We are specialists in PHP, Laravel, Lumen, NodeJs, ExpressJs and GraphQL.



Web platforms are powered by data and it can be structured or unstructured, it can be thousands or millions, for us there is no problem. We use the database management system that best suits your needs, be it relational (MySQL, SQLServer, PostgreSQL) or non-relational (MongoDB).

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