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A LOBA client for 7 years, SÓVIRAS entrusted LOBA with the task of reformulating its institutional website, clearly revealing the products that it sells. Specialising in top lifts and underlays for heels since 2002, SÓVIRAS is distinguished nationally and internationally for its quality and innovation.

Combined with the primary objective of showing the products that are marketed and the personalised services offered in the market, the aim was for the design to be elegant and attractive, with the calling card represented by the website thus reflecting the innovation experienced inhouse.

In addition to the institutional areas, in which the user can learn about SÓVIRAS in an in-depth manner, this website offers as its special feature an area with access reserved to its clients, presenting the entire offer of products where users can request specific information about each product.

Mini-videos on products were also developed for this project in particular, representing an entrance gate into the categories of top lifts for heels, shown in the website's public area.

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