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Identidade Xpress

XPRESS is a project funded by the European Union Horizon 2020 programme. Started in September 2019, its mission is to support public contracts to facilitate collaboration between SMEs and the public sector in adopting renewable energy sources in the regions.

The identity of XPRESS has three structural elements: The symbol, lettering and colour. The elements, their proportions and position were studied to create a strong and well-designed brand, with integrity.

The concept for the development of this identity was based on the representation of energy, cities, lifecycle, collaboration, union and sustainability.

We used the shape of a circle, which symbolises giving movement and dynamics, and represents renewal, thus connecting to renewable energy, for the X, of the name of the "XPRESS" project, but also representing the reaching of an important milestone, in that all circles lead to the same X, which results in collaborating towards the same goal, as well as the warm colours, that bring in the idea of energy.

This gave rise to a simple, but creative image with a well-defined concept.

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