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LOBA developed the new website of Simoldes Group, embracing the challenge of gathering in one place all the corporate communication and, simultaneously, the commercial information of its business units, that have several companies inside and outside the country.

The website uses resources such as video, various effects and interactions in the content, which were optimized to provide a good experience to visitors, and at the same time, generate curiosity and desire to learn more. We have maintained an intuitive navigation both in the Group's corporate area and in the business unit areas, which present more detailed information.

This project marks a turning point in Simoldes Group, which thus adopts a new paradigm in its communication to the global market and its customers, reinforcing its leadership, vision, innovation, production capacity, technology and sustainable development.

The responsive version was also designed and developed to provide a simple, intuitive navigation that boosts the website's performance.

Visitors can also submit spontaneous job applications, respond to open positions in the Simoldes Group and subscribe to the newsletter to receive periodic communications by e-mail.

LOBA integrated and implemented the website with the ZOHO Campaigns tool, facilitating the management of all subscribers and communications to be sent via email marketing.

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