Vadia - website


Vadia - website

Distinguished nationally and internationally, Vadia beer has already been awarded numerous medals in the sector's main competitions. Currently, it is sold countrywide in the hotel, restaurant and café (HORECA) channel and in hypermarkets, standing out due to its broad range of beers in the different types.

In order to accompany the brand's ongoing evolution and growth, the new website is presented with a serious and elegant look and feel, where elements related to the production of the craft beer emerge to compose the scenario where the product is the principal star.

The neutral tones chosen enable the different ranges of beers to stand out and communicate their styles and composition to perfection.

The result is an up-to-date website prepared to receive new editions, ranges and flavours while keeping faithful to the brand's DNA: production of beers that are easy to consume linked to moments of conviviality, music, friendship and sharing. Moments that the brand offers every weekend in the Vadia Brew Pub.

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