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Teatro Aveirense
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More than a theater, a stage where the whole world fits. Teatro Aveirense has been constantly changing since its foundation, 140 years ago, and the new identity developed by LOBA brings it back to the people and the city.

The rebranding project began with the strategic definition and positioning of the brand, for which a diagnosis of needs was made, aiming to redefine Teatro Aveirense as a central cultural player in Aveiro while reinforcing its cosmopolitan dimension on a national and international level. 

On the other hand, the brand wants to be close to the city and its people, evolving with the community and increasingly asserting itself as the performance venue par excellence in Aveiro.

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acontece connosco

The performing arts are born from the idea of happening, in which experience is everything.

The tagline Acontece Connosco (Happens with Us) illustrates the will to make it happen and marks the brand's involvement with the people and the region, assuming that culture is made by everyone: the people of Aveiro, the public, the team and the community. A human theater, cosmopolitan by nature and a new way of living culture in real-time.

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ta a acontecer


The new graphic symbol seeks to add value to a more human and affirmative theatre, while reinforcing the idea of dynamism, of being in constant movement.

If, until now, the initials of Teatro Aveirense appeared only as a graphic symbol, 'ta' now gains a broader meaning at the communication level, being used in new ways and various supports.

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