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Nau Helmets

For the full commerce project, an e-commerce platform was created on Shopify with an attractive and highly user-friendly interface that facilitate purchases in a few steps, fully adapted to all devices, on which motorbike helmets and accessories, mainly gloves and jackets, are sold.

A digital marketing plan was created with a specific strategy and communication tone for its target audience. In order to reach this audience, strategies were developed to generate sales and capture leads, such as: traffic campaigns on Adwords, Facebook and Amazon through pay-per-click (PPC) models, email marketing campaigns.

The social networks used in this project are Facebook and Instagram, where the entire communication is expressed in a tone suited to the brand's profile aimed at drawing the brand closer to its target group. In addition to Facebook and Instagram, a blog was also created inside the website, always with contents of interest to our followers, thus increasing the number of monthly visits.

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