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One of the tasks for the organization of the event was the development of its identity. The conference was titled LabourTech2021, took place online on February 10, 2021 and addressed the impact of Industry 4.0 technologies on the job market.

For the development of the identity, we took these factors into account, but we also took into account that we wanted to give the feeling of an already established conference, aimed at the information and communication sciences (ICT) audience as well as the general public that was interested in the topic.  The image should be young and innovative.

In this way, we developed a simple but impactful identity. An image visually linked to technology and the future, where the predominant color is yellow, referring to a perspective of optimism and positivity, and black to the opposite. The elements created associated with the identity support the connection to the digital, to the work that has increasingly become automated. Will it be positive, will it be negative? That's what the conference addressed and it was that dichotomy that we wanted to mirror.

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