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Identidade - Robotics4EU
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The concept for the development of this identity was centered on the need to involve the several target groups of the project, to understand their needs and to enhance responses that lead to the widespread adoption of robotics in european societies. It’s in this synergy between people and robots and in their harmonious coexistence that we found the key to the project's identity.

The branding is based on straight lines, but changeable and adaptable to different situations. It is reflected in a ROBOT that transforms into different R's depending on each respective area of the project.

The chromatic universe used presents a dual character, with hot pink tones giving a sense of energy, creativity and imagination, combined with different shades of blue that transmit the responsibility and modernity of technology.
The typography supporting the identity - Vox Round wide - continues the perception of responsibility and creativity, as well as transmitting an idea of technology and modernity.

The final result is a strong, sober and active image.


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