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The challenge posed to LOBA was the development of a new brand of production of events and agency, that would reflect the rationale of recognition and rigour, but also its sensationalism and uniqueness, through a modern and sufficiently bold visual image to stand out in such as competitive world as that of show business.

This was how ICCONICA was born, a symbol of artistic representation, of the world of show business and artists.

ICCONICA, is a derivation of the word iconic, something that represents, that reproduces, that has exactitude - iconic and that inspires a sensational, famous, unique and singular brand.

Using lettering, we produced a distinctive brand with details that make it unique and easy to memorise. ICCONICA is in itself written in an irreverent manner, so it made sense to transport that also to the lettering.

A sound wave begins to propagate, attributing a unique and unrepeatable personality. A rounded and strong font was used, to represent modernity, robustness and vigour to this business area. In contrast, in the description, we selected a condensed font, once again conveying a notion of rhythm and elegance harmoniously confronting the irreverence of the main lettering.

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