This project, besides this aggregate and truly differentiating component, was also a challenge due to the need to migrate the system to date of each of these companies and consolidate all sources within the ZOHO CRM. Basically, it was necessary to export data from 2 instances of PHC and another CRM that they were already using and with that information, consolidate structures and migrate all data to the ZOHO CRM.

PHC, which was used as both ERP and CRM, is now pure ERP. In this sense all financial documents that are produced in ZOHO CRM are migrated to PHC and integrated without any effort from the user. This synchronism was also developed by LOBA in partnership with the client's PHC supplier and today allows data to pass seamlessly with PHC in both directions.

In parallel with this work, the ZOHO INVENTORY tool was also customized to receive all products coming from PHC and natively integrate them with CRM. Thus allowing a fast and immediate management of stocks, references and availabilities.


Building a CRM for the 3 companies

From the outset, this was the main challenge of this project, centering on a single CRM instance, 3 companies, Displax, Edigma and Moviik, distinct that although belonging to the same group, intended to keep most of their records visible only within each brand.


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