Under the slogan "Your ideal mattress is looking for you!", the campaign has the creativity of a LOBA production and is shown on TV, Radio, Digital and Press.

As this is one of the two very strong sales seasons in the brand's strategy, the challenge of creating an impacting and differentiating campaign was preponderant, based on the three main pillars of ColchaoNet's communication for the campaign: rest, shopping and sales. A series of videos was created for the effect with three characters, seeking to reverse the roles in the traditional communication of the mattress sector brands, giving voice to the mattresses so that they could promote their own features. In this action, a ColchaoNet gave voice to Raquel, António and Ruben through 3 TV Spots (15") and 3 Web Spots (full profiles), where they talk about their qualities, interests and desires, and invite potential clients to visit one of the 24 shops to get to know them better. In order to better accommodate the web spots, LOBA has developed a landing page to support the campaign:

Over the more than 2 years of the relationship, this is the fourth campaign that LOBA has developed for the brand.

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