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Cerveja Vadia

Communicating the pioneering spirit, rebelliousness and passion for beer that characterise the VADIA brand is our challenge in the social networks.

We started our work by identifying the brand's values. Cerveja Vadia was one of the pioneer craft beer brands in Portugal, embodying a rebellious spirit and exceptional care in brewing beer in a sector characterised by a constant consumption pattern. Disruption was thus one of the first values that identified the brand, whose name Vadia means truant, erratic, vagrant. Then, we understood that, due to the attention that the VADIA beer was receiving, these brewers took care to innovate, being the first to pasteurise craft beer. Which enabled us to detect innovation. Subsequently, understanding the story of 3 friends who joined together in pursuit of a dream 8 years ago, inviting friends to barbecues and creating homebrew beer, they built a product that is already one of the most consumed craft beers in Portugal - which has a Brew Pub of a nationwide scale and concept - we understood their irreverence.

Due to the sum total of all these values, we communicate the brand's pioneerism, innovation and irreverence on Facebook and Instagram, creating an increasing number of fierce enthusiasts among the beer-loving public. During the first 6 months, we boosted the brand's audience by 50% and increased interactions with the brand by more than 100%.

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