Defined Strategy
The work with the Serralves Foundation began on October 19, 2020, after drawing up a strategic plan and defining together with the client the actions to be taken.
It is intended to increase the number of visitors and friends, reinforce national and international notoriety, visibility and credibility, promote the Foundation's sustainability and commitment to its employees, in order to stimulate the interest and knowledge of audiences from different origins and ages, through contemporary art, architecture, landscape and critical themes for society and its future.

Strategy implementation
The implementation of the strategy and respective plan, which focused on Instagram and Facebook, with a monthly production of around 300 posts per network, resulted in a growth in identification and results. Rules, procedures and prioritization of objectives were outlined. Adjustments and adaptations to the initial plan and methodology took place continuously.
LOBA accompanied events in person, allowing for the company's identity to be met and objectives to be achieved.

Results of the ON CUSTOMER strategy
The results are notorious, both in an increase in followers, interaction and reach, but also with an increase in face-to-face demand.
For better transparency and perception of results, we present organic data, for each of the social networks, from a 3-month temporal sample.
The focus being on increasing the community, which has already surpassed the barrier of 125K followers on Instagram and 245K on Facebook, also led to increased interaction rates with publications.

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The Serralves Foundation was created in 1989 and is...

holder of a valuable historical and cultural heritage, comprising the Museum, Casa de Serralves and Serralves Park. Its vision is to be a center of reference and a center of knowledge, in Portugal and in the world, in the domains of Contemporary Art, Architecture, Landscape and critical issues for society and its future, promoting the diversity of cultural offer through an innovative intervention that, in a sustained way, it attracts diverse audiences and induces the support of the Community.


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