Atlas Aveiro


Atlas Aveiro
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Inspired by Greek mythology and the symbolism of the giant who carries the earth and the heavens on his shoulders to personify the Edifício Altas Aveiro. This iconic building, designed in the 1960s by the architect Fernando Távora, embodies the history and culture of the city of Aveiro in its roots, in a construction designed and planned to be the central building of the city and of knowledge.

The result was a symbol constructed by the graphic element "A" inspired by the chairs designed by the architect Fernando Távora (the seated position is symbolic of openness and predisposition to knowledge and sharing) that symbolise the pillars and the openness of Atlas Aveiro to the city, linking the downtown to the city hall and boosting free movement.

The rectangle is the architectural representation of the building, a play on the square root rectangles used in Fernando Távora's design. This is the symbol of the centralisation of knowledge embodied in a series of products and services.

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