9 partners

8 countries

€ 1999443,75 funding

3 years (2019-2022)


TETRA is a 3-year project funded under Horizon 2020 R&I programme that functions as a business accelerator for the NGI Initiative (

The objective of TETRA is to help NGI innovators accelerate their projects from “R&D stage” to “Go-To Market stage”. How? Through the development of tailored plans based on the exact needs of the project and struggles of the teams. TETRA further connects NGI innovators with valuable networks of investors, mentors and coaches and other starting businesses to share experience with.


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Communication Kit

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What we did

As consortium member of TETRA, LOBA was the dissemination and communication leader of the project. During the 3 years of project, LOBA was in charge of developing the strategy for the project communication activities, creating the project visual identity, designing and producing the project communication materials (video, factsheets, brochures, communication kit, etc.), creating and managing the TETRA website, creating and maintain the project mailing list and disseminating periodic newsletters, press releases and interact with the media to promote the project and its findings, managing the participation in events and LOBA also promoted a series of webinars and events organised by the project.

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