12 partners

9 countries

3 years (2022-2025)

€ 2 998 823.50 funding

Horizon Europe

Ongoing project

RuralBioUp’s main objective is to support innovators to scale-up inclusive and small-scale biobased solutions in rural areas

RuralBioUp will do this by establishing 9 Regional Hubs in 6 EU countries. These Multi-actor platforms will bring together Farmers and foresters, Clusters, Policymakers, Companies, Business support organisations, NGOs, and Other key players in the regional bioeconomy system, transferring expertise, practical knowledge, methodologies and tools that they can continue to use after the end of the project.



Image of the RuralBioUp European project website developed by LOBA, featuring an intuitive and appealing design, reflecting innovation and a focus on rural areas. Explore sustainable bioeconomic solutions and access the RuralSpot platform.


Our role

In the RuralBioUp project, LOBA is the dissemination and communication leader. During the 3 years of the project, LOBA will be in charge of developing the strategy for the project communication and dissemination activities, creating the project's visual identity, and designing and producing the project communication materials (video, factsheets, brochures, communication kit, etc.). LOBA will also create and manage the project website, create and maintain the project mailing list and disseminate periodic newsletters, and press releases and interact with the media to promote the project and its findings. LOBA is also responsible for the development of RuralBioUp One-Stop Shop, a platform that will present actionable items tools, and actionable knowledge from other funded projects in the bioeconomy sector in a single place.

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