10 partners

8 countries

€ 1499.919 funding

3 years (2019-2022)


Ended project

PRONTO was a 3-year project funded by the EU COSME programme for the competitiveness of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs). The core objective of the project was to support public buyers to implement Public Procurement of Innovative solutions (PPI) through 3 important and interrelated phases.

Phase 1: Assess public buyers needs and public consultations. 
Phase 2: Engagement and capacity building activities.
Phase 3: Tendering and contracting.

Kit de Comunicação

Communication Kit

Vídeo de Formação

Training Video







Our role

As consortium member of PRONTO, LOBA was the dissemination and communication leader of the project. During 1 year of project, LOBA was in charge of developing the strategy for the project communication activities, creating the project visual identity, designing and producing the project communication materials (video, factsheets, brochures, communication kit, etc.), creating and managing the PRONTO website, creating and maintain the project mailing list and disseminating periodic newsletters, press releases and interact with the media to promote the project and its findings, managing the participation in events and LOBA also promoted a series of webinars organised by the project.

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