Magellan - (First Parallel)

4 partners

3 countries

2 years (2016-2018)

€ 2.534.562,50 funding


Ended project

MAGELLAN. The World, Your Playground! led to a market-ready product and a new business entity to drive the adoption and scale-up of the platform and the value propositions stemming from that.

The MAGELLAN project involved multiple participants in mixed realities taking place in the real world, evolving according to a non-linear interactive scenario, and involving multiple users collaborating or competing.  They took multiple forms ranging from informative, educational and entertaining in multiple domains such as cultural heritage, tourism, transport, education, lifestyle etc.





Our role

LOBA was responsible for the Promotional Material & Branding, all necessary printed and mainly digital material (videos, website, social presence) that will attract more users to the Platform.

Besides the materials related with the project, LOBA has created the website and all the promotional materials for the brand First Parallel that spin off from the project.

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