Zoho Applications in Technical Support

Management support applications are essential in the planning, development, and maintenance of any project, and they become even more valuable when new work teams come into play.

At Loba, once the stabilization period of a web project is completed, it transitions to the warranty phase. This is when the support team initiates the first contact with the client. Depending on the purchased service, the project management responsibilities are then taken over by the Support department - a fresh team with renewed energy and a new focus: ensuring the website functions correctly and addressing any development needs for its functionalities.

Working closely with the client manager, project manager, and original programmers, the Support team promptly seeks to gather detailed context about each project. All new requests received via email from a client generate a new ticket in our helpdesk system.

Here are some procedural questions that arise during the workflow of a request/ticket:

  • What is the nature of the project?
  • Is it an e-commerce or institutional site?
  • What is the underlying platform used for development?
  • What is the scope and characteristics of the service?
  • On which server is the project hosted?

To streamline this management process, LOBA, as an advanced Zoho Partner, leverages a range of applications with several advantages in our workflow:

Zoho Desk

This helpdesk platform manages communication with clients and stores all information related to their requests. We can create workflows that allow the request to progress to the next step in the ticket's life cycle based on the context of each interaction.

Zoho Projects

This project management application converts our clients' requests into tasks. In a post-development context, it serves as an excellent tool for storing general information about each project, providing tools for tracking work throughout the project's lifespan.

Zoho Cliq

This is our primary internal communication tool, facilitating all necessary project/service-related communication. It also fosters team spirit and interpersonal relationships through various recreational channels, always with a focus on customer satisfaction.

Some valuable features of Zoho Cliq include the organization of conversations/communication channels and quick access to information, whether through text searches or the use of commands that reduce the time required for analyzing more general information.

Zoho CRM

This application enables us to track the entire customer journey at Loba. We create all stages in the sales funnel and use it as a platform to validate the commercial status of our clients. Integrated with other Zoho applications and custom-built frameworks, it serves as the central application, allowing us, for example, to schedule tasks in the production map of our development team.

Zoho Vault

Given the increasing demand for digital data security, access credentials for various projects and tools must be stored in a highly secure, encrypted environment. All the information stored in Zoho Vault is encrypted and shared using appropriate security methods. It enables internal sharing with users who have access permissions and external sharing via email, where a temporary access link and a key are provided through an alternative communication channel. This ensures that only the intended recipient of the email can access the respective credentials.

Continuous Service Improvement

The use of management support applications in post-development/technical support allows for constant process improvement and, consequently, improved service delivery. Once the processes are well defined, the implementation phase becomes crucial for identifying and addressing any potential issues. The applications discussed in this article enable the creation of automated processes that are continually refined, aligning with one of our internal principles: avoiding the repetition of mistakes.

By implementing these processes and automations, the need for rework is reduced, allowing our Project Managers to focus on the work itself rather than correcting avoidable errors or searching for hard-to-access information. This, in turn, increases efficiency in resolving requests, improves our availability, and accelerates the analysis of subsequent issues. Ultimately, this management approach significantly.

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