Sustainable Marketing: A Long Shot

Sustainable marketing is more than just a trend; it's a medium to long-term commitment that requires collaboration and engagement from all stakeholders. The entire value chain must contribute to defining objectives and achieving results.

Just as individual habits and behaviours change over time, the same happens within organizations. The advantage is that a sense of corporate unity creates transformative energy. That's why everyone needs to be involved in initiating this movement.

Once started, even if it begins as a "top-down" approach, it must be quickly disseminated in all directions. If not, we'll revert to our habits and behaviours.

Up to this point, nothing is new, as marketing plans should also be designed for the medium to long term, even if they are reviewed annually.

This principle should be embraced by marketing departments and company administrations – every year, efforts must be made to improve sustainability indicators, but only in the medium and long term will we see consistent results.

Make no mistake; this is a "long shot." What we need to understand is that successful companies always result from "long shots," and often, the best results come from "leaps of faith." We call that vision.

The same vision Henry Ford had about democratizing automobiles, Bill Gates had about democratizing personal computers, or even Steve Jobs had about the transformative effect of smartphones on people's lives.

However, through European regulations on ESG indicators, sustainability will be enforced this time, just as quality management systems were through standardising norms and certifications.
The difference lies in doing it because we believe in it or are obligated. The former – doing it because we think – is usually an investment, while the latter is almost always a cost. The former brings returns; the latter does not.

When we do it because we believe in it and because it aligns with our values, we position ourselves, assuming a leadership role. This way, as a company or brand, we become more attractive and inspiring to all our stakeholders and competitors.

Sustainable marketing should only be implemented by those who believe in it, want to stand out, or want to lead and inspire others. These require time, investment, and consistency. It's done step by step, with each stage corresponding to the goals achieved in the company's sustainability plan.

The agency's role is to pave the way, demonstrating expertise in the field. Suppose the client believes in and wants to implement a sustainable communication strategy. In that case, they can have the confidence they need because both are committed to sustainability, but both do it with conviction.

Is it a leap of faith? Yes, but it's a tandem jump, where the agency ensures the jump is safe, substantially reducing the risk for the client working with an agency knowledgeable about sustainable practices and a culture where sustainability is ingrained in its values.

Count on our team to assist you in creating initiatives that reinforce your company's sustainable position, from developing communication strategies to rebranding your brand or creating business opportunities to designing a website that reflects your values.

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