Implementation Partner Award FY 23

At LOBA we wear the jersey and believe that the best relationship is one where both sides are in a selling position - in a Win-Win relationship. 

This is the basis of our relationship with our clients and that is why, in every project we develop, we focus on being and doing better, developing 're'imagining, day after day, the most innovative solutions and practices. This is the philosophy that guides us and we make a commitment to it as a quality policy.

The commitment to working closely with our clients, understanding their needs and objectives, combined with a consultative approach and a highly qualified and experienced team, allows us to provide customised solutions for each client, ensuring maximum value for their business. \

That's why we are proud to have been recognised by Salesforce Portugal as an Implementation Partner for FY23, which positions us as the partner with the best project evaluations in Portugal.

More than a recognition, this award reinforces the work and delivery of the LOBA Salesforce team in implementing customised and innovative Salesforce solutions.

We look forward to continuing to grow this partnership and adding to the Community Impact Partner award, won last year, and now the FY23 Implementation Partner many more because:

"Where there's LOBA there's a Win-Win TEAM"

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