The advantages of Salesforce’s Heroku technology in LOBA projects

Heroku is a cloud based platform with integrated data services and an extensive ecosystem of add-ons with the latest technologies to deploy and run custom applications.

The platform is part of a set of services provided to us by Salesforce, which gives us the comfort and security of an established brand in the market.

Heroku is a Platform as a Service – PaaS – that allows us, LOBA, to develop applications for our customers, using a wide range of technologies and programming languages like Node.JS, PHP, Ruby and other technologies/languages.

The Heroku platform (ref.)


What are Heroku’s strengths?

The platform gives a well-defined set of benefits to our customers’ projects. From these set of benefits we highlight the following ones:

Heroku belongs to Salesforce (ref.)

  • This allows us to use the best of both platforms to create complete CRM flows.
  • The platform enables us to synchronize data between Salesforce and Heroku Postgres in an easy, fast and consistent way.

Security and Compliance

  • Heroku performs a set of audits regularly and complies to standards that ensure the security of the platform and customers’ data. 


  • Heroku features a runtime environment (a set of resources configured to deploy and run applications) measured in dynos. A dyno is defined as a set of resources, isolated and virtualized, that allow us to run code as defined by user instructions.
  • We can easily manage the number of dynos used by each application at any point in time, ensuring that the applications are able to efficiently handle the growing number of requests if required.

Add-ons ecosystem

  • There are currently more than 200 add-ons, with new ones being made available regularly.
  • These plugins are divided into several categories: Data Stores (relational and non-relational databases), Resource Monitoring, Search, Security and other categories.

Heroku’s backoffice and Scalability Management

Is Heroku the right technology for me?

At LOBA, we have been using this technology to build the best solutions for our customers’ projects.

This technology can be used as a middleware (a bridge between processes/applications) to connect different systems, such as a mobile application and Salesforce. Heroku allows us to create complete websites, build APIs and develop microservices to perform specific tasks.

Some of the applications we can highlight as successful cases are Seaside Lovers, MyKia PT, Expanscience Academy and the app Azeites de Montanha.

If you need an API, a middleware, a micro service, a web app or a service with high scalability requirements, our team at LOBA has the know-how and experience to work with Salesforce’s Heroku technology.

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