The importance of a project manager in team and people management

When we talk about companies, we talk about teams. And when we talk about teams, we talk about organization, support, adaptation, planning, and management.

The role of a project manager is crucial within a team, as they are the person who guides a project from conception to completion, ensuring that all client objectives are achieved within the established budget and timeline.

Recipe for being a good project manager

Project managers should be responsible, organized individuals with the ability to adapt easily, be resilient, and proactive. But what are the secret ingredients?

  • A good dose of leadership: A project manager must be able to organize the team's schedule, ensuring that all deliveries are made within the proposed deadlines. They should guide the team towards efficient execution, promote collaboration among members, and maintain a committed attitude, motivating them.
  • Generous spoonfuls of communication: Communication is not just the exchange of information among team members. It involves listening and conveying messages clearly and unambiguously. It is about establishing a good relationship with the team and ensuring that everyone is aligned with the plan. It requires asking the right questions, providing appropriate answers, and discerning what should and should not be communicated to each project stakeholder.
  • A pinch of organization: The project manager plays a fundamental role in managing the work of multiple teams, so it is essential to be able to organize tasks systematically, not losing track of their own tasks and those of their teams.
  • A touch of positivity: To find solutions even when it seems there are none. It is crucial for a project manager to be prepared to handle unforeseen events and crises that may arise from any stakeholder and resolve them.

The advantages of having a project manager in work teams


The project manager acts as a guide, ensuring that all team members involved in projects know exactly what they need to do within the established deadlines for each task. This results in more organized, focused teams capable of carrying out their tasks exactly as planned and within the stipulated timeframe.

Risk reduction

As communication channels are centralized through the project manager, they ensure that everything runs as planned. With an important role in risk prevention, the project manager is always prepared to identify possible errors that may occur and find the best solution to address them without affecting the project's development.

Customer satisfaction

Being the central figure and point of contact between the client and the project, the project manager knows exactly what the client's needs are and ensures that a solution is delivered exactly as planned. It is of utmost importance for the project manager to maintain constant communication with the client, ensuring their satisfaction and avoiding potential errors or failures, making the client feel supported and involved throughout the entire process.

At LOBA, a project manager plays a crucial role in team and people management. With leadership, communication, organization, and a positive attitude, they increase productivity, reduce risks, and satisfy the client.

Get to know our team of project managers here.

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