The Importance of Continuous Training at LOBA

At LOBA, the process of continuous training helps us maintain the competitive capacity of our employees and their levels of effectiveness, thus allowing the organization to improve its results.

Professional training is a set of actions aimed at improving the skills of the LOBA's employees, preparing them for the challenges of the present and to build a future in which the workforce is organized to continuously overcome them. 

We consider each training course as an investment that benefits the employees themselves, the teams and the company. The constant technological evolution and the amount of information that appears every day dictate that to have good levels of productivity and quality of service, continuous training is essential.


Vocational training should be carried out throughout the active life of the individual, i.e., according to a process of life long learning, consolidating it throughout the professional activity. - Lopes, M., 1995;1999; Rebelo, 1999 [1996]; Kovács, 2002;2005; Duarte, 2006.


As such, aware of the importance that people have in the organization, LOBA selects the training of each employee according to the function that he/she performs, always being in alignment with the strategy and objectives of the company. This benefits us in productivity and quality of work, confidence and professional motivation, and also in the feeling of belonging to the company. In this way, LOBA's continuous investment in professional training contributes to guaranteeing the long-term success of each Lobatic and the organisation.


Neither leaders nor self-leaders are born made; they build themselves!- Bruno Seco


Among the many training courses of behavioral, technical, practical or theoretical nature which have taken place this year at LOBA, I would like to highlight Bruno Seco's "Servant Self-Leadership", which is based on the SIIIGAA method applied to culture and leadership in companies. This method serves as inspiration and motivation for our own change, allowing us to identify, eliminate and transform the meaning of mental saboteurs, contributing to becoming more confident and competent in our daily lives.

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