5 tips from LOBA’s Shared Services for better task management

When you think of LOBA, you think of differentiation, and that differentiation starts right from the first contact with the company. Everything begins with the first impression we leave on those who contact us, which is why the work of our Shared Services Center is so important.

A good first impression can also only be achieved with careful communication, whether verbal or non-verbal. Whether we only have five minutes or already have a long-lasting relationship with our interlocutor, the LOBA Shared Services Center team always seeks to leave a positive image in those who contact us - customers, suppliers, other lobatics or partners.

Previously known as the administrative department, the LOBA Shared Services Center department is the result of the consolidation of the administrative processes of several areas of the company, which leads to an optimization of our functions and tasks. In our team, roles are well defined and each member knows LOBA's routines like no one else, enabling us to succeed in a challenging task: coordinating and meeting the needs of each of our five offices.

Our experience allows us to anticipate problems and solve others, always with efficiency, continuous improvement and process automation in mind. We use technology to our advantage, and we are responsible for disseminating information, ensuring good working conditions for the lobatics and the standardisation of processes across all offices.

But, above all, we like to be welcoming, and we believe that this shows in small gestures - whether it is a good morning to the lobatics who come to the office, a cake we bring from home to sweeten the team's breaks, or other small contributions we make to what happiness at LOBA is, and which are reflected in the recognition of our colleagues and the awards given for team spirit, positivity, attitude and problem-solving skills.

Sounds easy, doesn't it? The truth is that the work of the Shared Services Center requires great management skills, organisation and stress resilience. How do we manage to do all this, and keep a smile on our faces? We share with you some task management techniques that we apply in our daily lives:

  1. Planning
    Establishing a plan for the tasks that we have for the day is essential. It allows us to understand the type of tasks, the necessary time to do them and the best way to organise them. This plan should serve as a guide so that we don't lose focus, but it should also be flexible, as in the Shared Services Center, it is common for last minute matters to arise, and that may require readjustments to the plan. 
  2. Setting priorities
    After planning and grouping related tasks together, where do we start? Deadlines are one of the main factors to take into account, as well as the time that is necessary to accomplish the tasks, or the fact that there are tasks with which you are less familiar. In our Shared Services Center, we prioritise the most urgent tasks, followed by the most complex, as they require a stronger focus, and, at last, the simpler tasks. 
  3. Create a Mental Narrative
    As strange as it may sounds, creating a mental narrative or internal dialogue helps us manage our tasks more efficiently. This way, we can self-motivate during work peaks and stay more organised and calm in times of stress. Creating a to-do list and ticking it off as you go along encourages a sense of accomplishment and provides extra motivation. 
  4. Do not leave tasks half done
    The lack of focus and concentration can sometimes lead us to leave tasks unfinished. At the LOBA Shared Services Center, we take note of all the tasks at hand - planned and unexpected - and make sure they are all completed. 
  5. Taking regular breaks
    Trying to swing several tasks simultaneously requires high levels of concentration, thus breaks are essential. Having a snack or a coffee with our fellow lobatics are small moments that greatly help us recharge batteries for the rest of the day.

Working on what we love is the key to success for the LOBA Shared Services Center team. That is what makes us wake up every day with the motivation to perform our tasks, and also to motivate those around us. 

Want to know more about working at LOBA

Contact us! We guarantee that, on this side, our Shared Services Center will answer the phone with their usual friendliness, positivity and dedication.

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