A good result is always the sum of the team's talents

We all know that teamwork is a great advantage. Despite being a consensual idea in theory, in practice, it brings many challenges. At LOBA, our team efforts allow us to take advantage of each person's skills to achieve the best final result, which is always the sum of everyone's talent.

This teamwork is felt in the way each project is developed and is visible at the end of each challenge. Each project is different and requires the added value of our staff to be accomplished as a team. Having dynamic teams, which are deliberately formed for each project, has the great advantage of bringing together the specific skills of each person, so that they can always give their best and, in the end, the result is better than expected.
It is often said that there are no right or wrong opinions, only better approaches to face each challenge. Working in a team is not always easy, but when everyone comes together for the same goal, everything is simpler, faster, and more effective. This process implies that each one is able to understand, communicate and, above all, respect the others' opinions. This team spirit was cultivated, even when we had to reinvent the way we work due to the constraints of a worldwide pandemic. This is how FLEXILOBAR, our remote work policy, came about. 


Remote Work

When circumstances are different from what we were used to, there are always some constraints, like the frequent question "Can you see my screen?" or "Can you hear me?"... Among the many adventures of the telecommuting world, there are moments of relax, which are also part of it, before starting yet another team meeting. With this, we had to adapt to the virtual world, but never losing the critical spirit, the rigour and the competence in helping our colleagues that characterizes us. This spirit of teamwork and cooperation is visible in each team member, regardless of the place, project, and team in question.


"THINK.CONNECT. GROW - fiercely" is knowing how to work as a team. When an effective solution to the challenge comes out of everyone's collaboration, then the job is well done and we are truly working as a team. At LOBA, every day, we give our best in what we know how to do. As a team, we constantly challenge ourselves every day to innovate and go further to produce our best together.

Awards LOBA

And to reinforce this idea, we have two more awards in the Branding category of our portfolio. We got a Gold prize for the COSMETIS rebranding and a Silver prize for the REVIVE NATUREZA branding in the Lusophone Creativity Awards.

This is real proof that teamwork can have amazing results, and these awards are a reward for all the work that was done and done well.

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