LOBA celebrates interpersonal relationships with an exclusive craft beer: Better Together

After a time as challenging as the pandemic and the subsequent confinement, LOBA decided to combat the isolation of employees and adopted a strategy to promote conviviality and interpersonal relationships: the offer of a Special Edition pack of exclusive craft beers to all of our collaborators. 

The purpose was to prevent distance from weakening the bonds created within LOBA, creating a strong reason for more after-work meetings where the subject can be everything (including, the beer itself) but work. These meetings took place among the entire company on the Fridays following the LOBA Summit 2021 and also whenever two ‘lobatics’ desire. 


BeTTer Together was the name chosen by LOBA and, as it suggests, it is always better when there are two or more ‘lobatics’ together, whether in each project they embrace or in more relaxed moments. The label design guides us in two directions: "Better Together" and "Beer Together". This was the basic concept for this initiative and also for the label design, where all the LOBA team members are represented in elements of shapes and arrangements that together create a unique, strong and charismatic identity, just like it happens within LOBA itself. See all the photos shared by the team here.



Read the description of Better Together featured on the label:

"From the skies of Oliveira de Azeméis, sailing through the canals of Aveiro, surpassing the heights of Guarda, the Invicta city or that of the seven hills, the "lobáticos" sing their Innovation, Positivity and Confidence to the four winds.
PS: It can cause fits of euphoria and happiness when consumed together with other lobáticos."


As for its technical description, Better Together is of the IPA (Indian Pale Ale) style and presents itself with an intense aroma of tropical fruit (such as mango and passion fruit), intense body and a very pronounced final bitterness, typical of this type of beer. With hops originated in Australia, ibu 38, plato 15,5º and alcohol content of 6,7%, this Special Edition created by LOBA harmonizes perfectly with Indian and Mexican food. It also pairs well with red meats and strong cheeses.



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