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At LOBA, we are constantly looking for new trends and technological innovations and, therefore, in partnership with Vtex, we bring new features and implementations to help you boost your sales with an optimized and fast experience for the consumer.

Recently, LOBA was a pioneer in the implementation of Meo Wallet, which works as a virtual wallet, where bank cards can be associated and payments can be made in just a few steps.

Digital retail is constantly growing and consumers are increasingly demanding in the online shopping process.

And, therefore, at LOBA we have been following the current (fast and efficient) changes in the online market. In addition to Meo Wallet, we were also involved in several innovative and successful projects:

  1. The partnership with Vtex and Adyen to implement Google Pay and Apple Pay digital wallets as a new payment method;
  2. Another differential and ease is the Omnichannel solution that allows the integration of stores and distribution centers. In addition to capturing more sales, it facilitates purchases and allows you to create better experiences for your customers with pick-up points, ship-from-store, scheduled delivery and multiple types of fulfillment in a single order.
  3. The Live Shopping application also integrates this range of news. This platform allows the transmission of live products, where customers can comment, like and share the content in real time. In addition, they can also add the product to the shopping cart. This feature helps increase cart add rate by 16% and engagement rate by 28%.
  4. In addition to these 3 elements highlighted above, in line with the digital market - which is increasingly differentiating -, we work with an integrated CMS, which allows the customer to manage content in an autonomous and simple way. Among many other tasks, it allows you to create, edit showcases, create carousels, insert logos, and publish without having to use a code to perform the tasks.
    As soon as the project is delivered, the LOBA team establishes contact with your team so that you can become autonomous in operating the platform, editable in the backoffice.

    Discover some features available in CMS VTEX IO:
    ⦁ Content scheduling, intuitive layout, native PWA, greater customization flexibility, content versioning, preview, support for cross-border stores, support for multilingual stores and no-code.
  5. Finally, we come to the most important page of the site: the checkout! At LOBA we use a smart checkout and One Click Buy where the entire purchase process is carried out on a single page, reducing the average checkout time from 5 to 1 minute, which optimizes conversion.
    To guarantee the security and protection of our customers' data, the information filled in automatically is anonymized in a way certified by PCI-DSS, the most rigorous international standard in terms of security in means of payments.

Want to sell more and stand out from the competition? At LOBA we provide the consultancy your company needs!

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