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Spotify Ad Studio: Music to (Your Brand's) Ears

Is there a closer way to capture someone's attention than through sounds? A shout from across the street, a whisper in the ear, or even an enthusiastic call are extremely powerful tools of human expression that can intimately engage anyone.







When we think of online ads, names like Meta, Google, Twitter (now known as X), and TikTok always come to mind, either because of their massive audiences, established platforms, or their intricate and hard-to-crack algorithms. They are all crucial in a successful digital marketing strategy.

However, it's essential to consider how human attention has been diminishing on social media, as well explained in an excellent article by Baptiste Health, making it more challenging to interact with an ad. You might have noticed that for every 2 or 3 pieces of content from friends, there's an ad lurking. Another aspect to consider is the intense competition from companies of all sizes that, with an affordable investment, manage to get noticed in their advertising campaigns.

This is where Spotify Ad Studio stands out as a different strategic option for business communication, complementing other platforms.

Recently, Spotify launched its advertising platform, Spotify Ad Studio, offering a comprehensive solution for audio and video ads to its non-paying user base, with some unique features to extend your message.

Let's be honest: a platform with 343 million active users worldwide and continuous growth since 2019 is extremely attractive—according to Spotify Investor Relations. It's time to diversify your communication.

In addition to segmentations by gender, age, country, and interests, the significant strategic advantages of this platform include segmentation by musical style and "mood." You know those specific playlists for different times of the day, like "exercise" or "relaxation"? These are the great strengths of this platform.

By advertising summer shoes in playlists named "Summer" or even a pillow in selections with the keyword "sleep," you can have extra power in attracting customers who are thinking about those very topics at that precise moment.

Another advantage is the time people spend listening to music and podcasts on the platform: around 17 hours per week, according to a Spotify Spain study. Regardless of switching to other activities, Spotify continues to play in the background.

Regarding the ads themselves, Spotify Ad Studio offers image, video, or audio options. For all options, it's necessary to create the content beforehand to configure it as an ad. However, if your goal is an audio ad, Spotify makes it simpler.

With a prepared script, the Spotify platform provides its professional voice actors to narrate your ad with excellence, streamlining the process and making it more dynamic. It's worth trying, don't you think?

But this isn't the only way to advertise on Spotify. Apart from Ad Studio, investing in podcasts, whether it's 30-second spots or entire programs on your topic, are materials for success stories (like the Insider t-shirt brand, which grows daily with its presence on various podcasts worldwide. But that's a topic for another time.

At LOBA, we work with Spotify Ad Studio, and several clients already benefit from its potential, from retail to European projects. We understand the technical and strategic importance of delivering a message directly to our clients' customers, integrating them into each brand's universe, whether it's more rock or more fado.

Are you ready to let your voice reach your audience's ears? Count on us to make your company's vocal cords resonate in vestibules, cochleas, utricles, and semicircular canals throughout the web.

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