What are the advantages of using a CRM tool in my company?

Nowadays, the key for a good business strategy is to foment relationships with your customers. With the amount of information that, as professionals, we receive every day, as well as the high competitiveness between companies, the care we have with the clients we interact with will make the difference in the results. So, what are the advantages of using a CRM?

A CRM tool supports companies, particularly the sales teams, allowing them to organise their working days in order to boost their business, while giving a 360º view and serving as a basis for the management of the whole relationship with your customers.

At LOBA, we advise our customers to make a diagnosis of their needs, in order to understand if the implementation of a CRM can really bring advantages to their business. So, ask yourself: 

Is the information I have about my customers and clients organized and easily accessible?

The ZOHO and Salesforce tools, of which LOBA is a partner in the area of CRM development and implementation, allow you to systematise a range of information of all types (opportunities, conversations, complaints, doubts and wishes) which bring you, in the medium and long term, improved results, customer loyalty and greater efficiency, organisation and, consequently, satisfaction among teams. Do you still have doubts about the advantages of using a CRM?

If your company has a sales structure and your strategy is to put the customer in first place, acquiring a CRM tool to systematize information and leverage results will bring you several benefits.


What are, in detail, the advantages of using a CRM?

  • A single source of information 

If information about your customers is not centralized - or even recorded - it is not possible to easily access the archive of company-customer interactions. This makes it more difficult to have an understanding - by any company employee - of needs and potential business opportunities. A CRM allows you to access information in one convenient place, via desktop or mobile. 

  • Create or share reports

Another advantage of using a CRM is that the tool generates sales reports, forecasts or pipeline progress, which can help improve results and align strategies - something much more complex and time-consuming if you do it, for example, in an excel sheet.

  • Business predictability 

Information is, indeed, a precious commodity. Thanks to the visibility you can have on business opportunities, you can more easily develop a growth plan and increase your results.

  • Improve team productivity

CRM can be parameterized to generate notifications that help sales people operationalize their tasks, eliminating gaps and decreasing execution time, thus better responding to requests.

  • Better internal organization and communication segmentation

Many times, sales teams offer some resistance to the adoption of CRM tools, since this work method may imply a reorganization of their routines. We must never forget, however, that more information and organization are key pillars to have better results. A sales rep that sells more is a sales rep that is happier, right? 

On the other hand, systematized information brings you opportunities for communication segmentation that will allow you to get better-targeted messages to specific targets through, for example, automation tools and email marketing.

CRM platforms also have notorious advantages in the internal communication of companies.


At LOBA, we have 18 years of experience in digital transformation and we are experts in the development and implementation of CRM Salesforce and ZOHO solutions. Depending on your company's stage of development, we can make an accurate diagnosis of your needs and direct you to the most appropriate solutions.

We have already worked on hundreds of CRM projects of different types and areas. Learn about the partnership between Expanscience and LOBA.

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