Pedro Simão - LOBA

Pedro Simão

WEB Project Manager

Since I was child impacted by the power of image and design, I started early to create football kits in video games and “hammering” mIRC scripts for the ability they offered me to customize things to my liking. I still drank milk and was already flirting with whiskey packaging from home collection just to appreciate and feel the embossed and stampings finishes.

Graduated in Marketing and Master in Strategic Communication: Advertising and PR, I have always had the desire and need to learn “how to do” and get my hands in the dough. I ended up with dough on my hands and after a few months delivering pizzas I went through advertising agencies, eCommerce businesses and international companies.

Self-taught, the experience of having done it and the knowledge of knowing how to do it allow me to have a holistic approach of the challenges, which helps me to act in an exact, rigorous and clear way.

Today I continue with the same will as a child and, at LOBA, I have the privilege of managing web projects and helping to customize the customers of our clients experiences.

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