Marcelo Soares - LOBA

Marcelo Soares

web project manager

When I was a kid I was passionate about football. I dreamt of wearing the number 10 jersey of the national team and representing our heroes in the World Cup. I soon discovered that I didn't have the feet for it, but that I had the head and imagination for a career in marketing and communication.

I completed my Marketing degree at the University of Aveiro in 2016, and after having it in my pocket, without ever being represented by Jorge Mendes, I worked as a Graphic Designer, Digital Marketing Manager and Backend Developer.

Throughout my experiences I gained knowledge and technical know-how of the different web areas, and ended up falling in love with process management and contact with the customer. 

At LOBA, I was not given the 10 jersey (at least for now) but I have all the tools and knowledge needed to manage innovative projects for unique brands!

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