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João Teixeira


I was born in Gaia and grew up next to the Douro. So close that sometimes I had to run away from it. 

Before I even realized whether I enjoyed speaking or not, I had already discovered my love for writing - the uncertainty of not knowing how a sentence would end and being surprised by the stories.

Even before I was old enough to vote, I went to study in Braga. I studied Social Communication at UM, initially considering scriptwriting, then journalism, then advertising but always returning to my starting point.

In the early years, I set up and dismantled companies. I managed events, gave a helping hand to launch the first Stand-up Comedy Festival in Portugal, had some humor projects (at least I thought they were funny), and even became a teacher. I particularly enjoy eating, traveling to eat, and writing about gastronomic experiences. For a few years, I fed myself to feed a blog dedicated to these experiences.

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