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Gabriela Moreira

business developer

Born in Brazil, the daughter of a Portuguese, holding Portuguese citizenship, and always expressing a desire to work with people and become famous from a young age, here I am. The fame part didn't suit me, but working with people led me to LOBA after 14 years in the worldwide advertising field. With a degree in Communication and a Master's in Digital and Business Marketing, I believe it's always about the relationships we build, the people we meet, the trust we inspire, and the stories we live.

I enjoy challenges. I like the difficult ones even more, and I believe life is always a feedback loop of what we do and deliver. If we're not happy with what we're receiving, we must analyze what we have more closely.

As a faithful Leo and a Lobatic one, I'm determined to do well in everything I set out to do. Who does 99% does 100%, right?

In addition, I enjoy wine, yoga, meditation, good company, and hearty laughter, not necessarily in that order, but maybe in that order.

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