Diogo Valente - LOBA

Diogo Valente

Video Technical Leader

I have a degree in New Technologies from the University of Aveiro, and in 2001, after a brief experience in a research project scholarship, I created a company (Dreamlab) with some college friends.

At Dreamlab I did creative direction and production. The typical "jack of all trades". I've done a little bit of everything: video, photography, 2D and 3D animation and interactive applications, but I soon realized that I would like to focus my attention on video production and motion design. That is my passion.

Reinforcing that passion, in 2014 I did a postgraduate degree in Motion Design by ESAD in Matosinhos. In 2016 Loba absorbed Dreamlab, but my focus remained unchanged, promoting creativity and innovation in all projects and growing as a professional and as an artist. Always trying to learn something new along the way. I consider myself a good "storymaker", who wants to grow and understand how to become the best possible "storyteller".

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