Daniela  Silva - LOBA

Daniela Silva

Digital Marketing Project Manager

With a degree in Marketing from Instituto Politécnico de Viseu in 2019 and a huge passion for the world of social media and digital marketing, I joined LOBA, in a curricular internship to learn with the brands team. As time went by and while increasingly sharing my passion for digital marketing, I started my career in this team, with community management and in a second phase, in project management, in direct contact with clients. 

Always aware of social media and always ready to take print of any revolutionary ad, I count on the optics of content creator and content consumer, at the same time (or at least that's what I say to justify the time I spend on social media). Working on the digital communication of a company, organizing the strategy and thinking about the content, is what fascinates and motivates me.

I am Creative, with an eye for makeup, with a taste for dancing, reading and of course, being on social media.

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