Projetos europeus (Excepcao)

Redes Sociais - CCI

After analysis of all the planned KPIs, a plan with a medium and long term strategy was developed in order to achieve the objectives. 

Some of the actions developed were: 

  • Creation of the project's social networks (Linkedin and Twitter); 
  • Elaboration of specific contents for Linkedin and Twitter;
  • Implementation of campaigns for community growth on Linkedin and Twitter; 
  • Implementation of Traffic and Interaction campaigns in all posts about the project. 

The constant analysis of the results (done monthly) allowed the development of adjustments and the inclusion of new actions that had a positive impact on the project's results, and all the KPIs were fully achieved. 
KPI number of followers: 500 | Number of followers reached: 1295
KPI total number of posts: 500 | total number of posts reached: 687 
KPI total number of interactions: 1000 | Total number of interactions reached: 28929

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