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Identidade LIFT

LIFT started in April 2019, with the mission of analysing the results of all the work carried out by more than 60 projects of Support and Coordination Actions in the bioeconomy area, in order to provide an overview of the outcomes of these projects, promoting collaboration between them and making them rapidly accessible and incorporated by industries and decision-makers, through the creation of 11 factsheets of different categories divided into 4 clusters.

As the project coordinator and leader of communication and dissemination, LOBA was the agency responsible for the creation of the identity and website of this European project.

The creation of the corporate identity of the European project LIFT - "Boosting Bioeconomy by maximising CSAs results" required allusion to the lift and bioeconomy concepts, by showing a leaf elevating, creating the intended effect and honouring the name of the project and its objective. The green colour is reminiscent of the bioeconomy.

LOBA also developed the project's website, in addition to other materials. The bioeconomy concept was taken into account in its development, once again associated to the predominant green and also to the leaves that are present in almost all the illustrations of all the materials.

The challenge for this project generates a clear, concise and informative website, where it is easy to understand its main objective and scope.

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