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Identidade Evolve
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It started in December 2018, with a view to leading the current revolution in the area of management and analysis of large volumes of data. The project aims to create a pool of tests that incorporate the worlds of high-performance computing, big data and cloud that will be tested through seven different pilots in the areas of mobility, agriculture and urban planning.

The proposed challenge for this new project was the creation of an impacting and innovative identity to reflect the project's areas of action. The objective was to incorporate the ideas of technology, speed, computing and innovation through the elements used. The actual logo is a pointer to big data as its lettering incorporates the binary code 01. The colours that were chosen (violet and blue) are the final detail for a brand that aspires to be technological and disruptive.

In addition to the corporate identity of Evolve, LOBA developed all the project's communication and dissemination materials, such as stationary, scientific and promotional posters, and led all the communication activities such as social network and website management.

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