Docealhada produces regional sweet pastries from the Mealhada region and other typical sweets, symbols of national tradition, enjoyed both within and beyond the region, and which, due their success, are already sought after by clients abroad.

As a result of the growth and recognition of the quality of its products, Docealhada challenged LOBA to develop an e-commerce platform to enable selling its products in Portugal but that also opens up sales to the international markets, which is possible due to the unique properties and conservation features of these products.

LOBA developed a project adjusted to the needs of the end consumer but also adapted to the professional market, able to meet the needs of Docealhada's distribution channel on national territory. A structure adapted to all types of devices and optimised for a fast and easy purchase have led to the success of the partnership carried out under this project, which already shows high demand for products online, converted into sales in Portugal and abroad, opening the doors to the digital business of a brand that has already been awarded various prizes at an international level.

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