15 partners

8 countries

2 years (2012-2014)

€ 1.540.117,91 funding


Ended project

INSEC strived to improve the Innovation and Research processes within the security organisations, so that they can integrate new technologies, enabling them to evaluate novel approaches and services dedicated to the safety of citizens.

The project aimed at developing a new internal innovation management model and an external innovation platform in order to promote the networking between European security SMEs and public/private security organisations.

With a consortium of consulting companies and security end-users (public and private security organisations), the INSec project focuses on the existing needs and practices of 4 types of organisations: Rescue Services; Police and National Security Office; Academies of Security Sciences; National Security Infrastructures (port, border control)

Open Innovation Platform

Open Innovation Platform





What we did

LOBA was responsible for dissemination actions. We created the web site platform and dissemination activities.

For the dissemination activities, LOBA has developed a set of tools and performed a set of actions that aimed to ensure efficient dissemination of the project's activities and results at a European and international dimension.

quem deu vida a este projeto

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