18 partners

11 countries

4 years (2020-2024)

€ 5 291 015,74 funding


Ongoing project

IcARUS project looks to address urban security issues by proposing an integrated, evidence-based and multi-stakeholder approach.

IcARUS aims to learn from past experiences in urban security policies. The project’s main objective is to rethink and adapt existing tools and methods to help local security actors anticipate and better respond to security challenges in the context of a decline of citizens’ trust in institutions, drastic budgetary cuts and the development of smart cities, which implies the effective inclusion of technological innovations in crime prevention.

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Kit de Comunicação (Promocionais, Estacionário, etc)

Communication Kit





What we did

In IcARUS, LOBA is the organisation in charge of the project’s communication, dissemination and exploitation of results. Concretely, LOBA is in charge of developing the strategy for the project communication activities, developing the exploitation plan, creating the project visual identity and the communication materials (videos, factsheets, policy briefings, brochures, etc.)

Additionally, LOBA created and maintains the IcARUS website, disseminates periodic newsletters (4 per year) and will be co-responsible for organising various dissemination events throughout the project duration.

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