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3.5 years (2019-2022)


Ongoing project

SMAGRINET is a CSA project which aims at developing a generation of researchers and engineers who are equipped to develop, improve and deploy new energy technologies in order to meet the challenges of the energy transition.

The SMAGRINET project is creating a smart grid competence hub, called POWER ON, in the area of smart and flexible energy systems aiming to enhance the capacity of the European universities in energy research and innovation and to engage with industry and key societal actors to respond to the challenges of the energy transition.

Additionally, the project is creating the POWERFUL SERVICES that aim to empower smart grid implementation by improving the skills of the current industries’ workforce and by capacitating academic organisations with the courses needed for smart grid implementation. These services are dedicated modules at universities, individual online courses for worforce, general public and researchers, train-the-trainers workshops and an internship program for students involving industries.

Smagrinet - Interação com os Media

Media Relations

Smagrinet - Participação e Organização de Conferências

Participation and Organization of Conferences

Smagrinet -  Newsletters


Smagrinet - Conferências Energy Game Changers

Energy Game Changers Conferences

Redes Sociais - SMAGRINET

Social Media

Kit de Comunicação SMAGRINET

Communication Kit

Smagrinet - Videos E-learning

E-Learning Videos

Smagrinet - Vídeo Promocional

Promocional Video





What we did

LOBA is in charge of the dissemination and communication of the SMAGRINET project. Among other tasks, so far LOBA was mainly in charge of:

- Developing (and updating) the Communication Strategy and Plan
- Conceptualizing and developing the project Branding and Visual Identity
- Designing, programming, updating, promoting and monitoring the project Website
- Developing a generic video to promote the project at events and conferences
- Feeding, developing content (copy, images, video, etc.), promoting campaings for the project Social Media channels
- Creating the concept, branding, naming and communication materials for the project's own conferences as well as many materials for its promotion and organization (videos, agenda, flyer, etc.)
- Set up and distribute dedicated newsletters
- Developing several communication materials to promote the project, such as a brochure, a poster, a roll-up banner, merchandising and stationary
- Creating a dedicated blog channel for stakeholders to discuss about the energy transition 
- Supporting the project's online courses through the creation of 36 dedicated videos in english and french
- Participating at events to promote the project
- Developing materials to support the communication of several of the project's activities, such as the university modules and the train-the-trainers workshops
- Develop press releases and distributing them to it's database of more than 800k journalists worldwide
- Reporting the communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  "

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