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Ended project

The Altfinator project was founded to improve the capacity of the participants within the ecosystem and therefore support innovative SMEs access to alternative financing. It  focused in those countries where the potential for improvement is the highest: the South, Central and Eastern Europe.

The ultimate goal of Altfinator was to increase the competitiveness and growth of the European innovative SMEs by addressing the financing gap. 

Altfinator mapped and analysed alternative financing ecosystems in South, Central and Eastern Europe, and developed a capacity-building strategy and implementation plan based on the results; Created a cross-European online information hub equiped with useful materials, resources and tools for SMEs; Cooperated with local alternative financing communities; Reviewed the impact on a local and regional level; and undertook wide-spread communication at European level on Altfinator activities and results.

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Branding final event

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Communication Kit



What we did

In the Altfinator project, LOBA was the consortium partner in charge of leading the project's communication, dissemination and exploitation of results, being mainly in charge of:

- Developing (and updating) the Communication Strategy and Plan
- Conceptualizing and developing the project Branding and Visual Identity
- Updating content and promoting the project Website
- Developing videos to promote the project at events and conferences
- Feeding, developing content (copy, images, video, etc.), promoting campaings for the project Social Media channels
- Creating the concept, branding, naming and communication materials for the project's own events as well as many materials for its promotion and organization (videos, agenda, flyer, etc.)
- Set up and distribute dedicated newsletters
- Developing several communication materials to promote the project 
- Develop press releases and distributing them to it's database of more than 800k journalists worldwide
- Revise and improve a web documentary to show the proejct results
- Reporting the communication and dissemination activities to the European Commission and project partners, including deliverables, project meetings, mid-term and annual reports.  
- In addition to the communication and dissemination activities, LOBA also conduted a mapping of alternative financing (AF) ecosystem in Portugal including AF mechanims and stakeholders and screening of credit data providers. LOBA also organised a capacity building workshop for SMEs and a roundtable in Aveiro, Portugal.

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