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Despite the constraints brought by the pandemic, at LOBA we adapted successfully during this period, with new ways of staying close and providing support to our customers. These changes are still being reflected in companies, which has led to the creation of a new Salesforce product: the Salesforce Anywhere application, which we now also make available to our customers.

We already know that the Covid-19 pandemic brought readjustments in the work culture of companies, including ours. Teleworking was the regime adopted by most digital companies, and at a time when the return to the office is starting to take place, there are also many companies that are considering the possibility of keeping telework in a post-pandemic future, betting on full-time remote work or hybrid models.

Always aware of these evolutions in the working world, Salesforce developed Salesforce Anywhere, an application that allows its customers to maintain productivity and real-time contact with their own customers. This application contains some practical and powerful features that support all collaborative work, such as embedded documents, chat and alerts associated with a record that allows real-time interaction between customers, partners and suppliers.

Could it be said that Salesforce Anywhere is an upgrade from Quip, but with more interaction within the Salesforce platform?

Providing its customers with the best tools during the confinement period was one of Salesforce’s major goals with the launch of Salesforce Anywhere, but the company doesn’t stop there. The application is made up of a set of tools that allow collaboration between customers in real time, whose focus is to gather all related information in one place. This allows it to have a single “source of truth” and avoids parallel comments or documents.

If we combine the features of Salesforce CRM – the 360º customer view that covers, as we already know, their business, history and marketing performance – with the new specificities brought by Salesforce Anywhere, we get a cocktail of greater productivity and centralized information that brings great benefits to our customers. 

Let’s take a closer look at the tools made available by Salesforce Anywhere:

Chat & Video

The Salesforce Anywhere Chat and Video allows users to communicate within the same platform, in the same window, with access to the same information for all users. Salesforce Anywhere saves the history of chat conversations and associates them to the respective record.


Users have the ability to receive notifications in real time, either by changing a record or in more detailed situations, such as specific fields. These notifications are available both in the smartphone app and in the browser.

Embedded Documents

This application allows embedding documents inside a Salesforce record without having to do it externally. Within these documents you can search fields of the records and update them. The big advantage is that you can share these documents with users outside Salesforce and, therefore, get a shared view of the information that is being handled. This functionality comes from the combination with another Salesforce document collaboration tool, Quip.



By combining the functionality of Salesforce Anywhere and Quip, Salesforce gets the best of both worlds: collaboration between Salesforce users and external parties.

Quip is a real-time collaboration tool that includes documents, spreadsheets and an embedded chat. Users can access and collaborate simultaneously on the same subject/document, thus increasing proximity and productivity. In this way, information is centralized in one place, and there are no problems or loss of the latest document versions.

Quip also allows the incorporation of other applications such as Calendar, allowing the management of the agenda, and the Kanban vision. In addition to all this interactivity in documents, Quip also provides a chat, allowing, once again, team discussion, while the same is coupled to a document. 

At LOBA, we use Quip as a work tool, specifically to centralize information from partnerships with Salesforce, planning and summarizing meetings collaboratively, managing shared opportunities and defining tasks between teams.


Are you interested in these or other Salesforce services?

As the first Salesforce partner in Portugal, LOBA has a team specialized in all its tools and features and always available to answer your questions. 

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