The importance of 1:1 journeys with Salesforce Marketing Cloud

salesforce marketing cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) is one of the most powerful marketing automation tools on the market. At LOBA, we have been exploiting its potential and ensuring better results for our clients. 

With the advance of technology, people have less and less time to consume content, due to the excess of information they receive, whether in email, chat apps or social networks. Thus, it becomes important to combine assertive communication with subjects that are really relevant to the customer, especially when it comes to companies whose revenue depends heavily on it, as is the case of E-commerce companies. With Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) it is possible to deliver customized communications in several channels, namely through email, social networks, mobile and messaging applications like Whatsapp, do it according to the preferences of each customer and then automate this process through Journey Builder, which is currently one of the most powerful marketing automation tools in the market.

With Salesforce Marketing Cloud you can map every step of a customer, from signing up to receive your newsletters, to completing a purchase or even post-sales. This tool allows companies to know how engaged customers are with their brand, improve their campaign strategies in front of a more assertive audience and achieve a better ROI. 

To complement a better 1:1 content delivery, those who purchase SFMC have resources such as campaign personalisation with Ampscript and SSJS (Server-Side JavaScript), which make it possible, through code, to create personalised content according to customer data and behaviours, and the use of Salesforce's artificial intelligence (Einstein), which increases the possibilities of customer interaction with your content, based on previous behaviours and the general behaviour of subscribers with similar profiles.

According to data published by Salesforce, "Adding product recommendations in marketing emails can increase sales conversion rates by 15 to 25% and click-through rates by 25 to 35%." 

Knowing the great added value that marketing automation tools can bring to our clients, at LOBA we have a team specialized in Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in which Journey Builder is also included. Thanks to these tools, thousands of clients around the world have already improved their results and sales.

One of our success stories is a client from the luxury furniture sector, for whom we developed a customized journey via Ampscript, with emails from recipients in over 100 different countries. In an automated way, all these potential customers received the email in their language. This LOBA client currently has more than 40 journeys implemented across its various brands, ranging from interaction journeys to retargeting campaigns. Another example is a recent implementation at a client in the health congress area, in which we developed a journey of new contacts with leads who had not interacted for almost a year with the brand, offering them a discount on the purchase of new plans. Thanks to this campaign, we were able to convert leads that were practically lost into customers.

LOBA also specializes in implementing new accounts, creating marketing strategies for businesses and empowering employees through Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

As such, it is apparent how SFMC and Journey Builder can help your company improve its marketing communications, whether through simple campaigns, such as Welcome campaigns, or more complex campaigns, such as Abandoned Carts. At LOBA, we have certified professionals and we are the ideal partner to help you implement this tool in your business and maximize your results. Count on us to unveil to you the world of marketing automation, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and all the power that this tool can offer you.

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