Salesforce and the Future of Work

Those who could follow DreamForce 2021 (the biggest Salesforce event that, this year, took place in a hybrid format) had the opportunity to observe the number of innovative changes brought by the company in a short period of time. From the strong symbolism of a hybrid event (marking how things will be from now on) to the way of presenting relevant content about the business world, the conference was marked by several interesting issues.



Its digital stage, Salesforce+, was announced as a new streaming channel, where it is already possible to watch the best moments of Dreamforce and also other content, prepared in a "Netflix" style. In addition, the event also brought dozens of news about innovations and improvements in the company's products.



At LOBA, one of the themes that motivated the most conversations and reflections is the new paradigms about business relationships and how this has already changed and will change the way we work with our customers and among our teams.

At LOBA, as technology enthusiasts and also Salesforce Partners, we are already thinking and building our way of working in the future, based on our vision about the Future of Work.

The Future of Work is complex and comprehensive, but it is also sustainable and inclusive. It is technological and highly productive, with increasingly sophisticated AI capabilities, but it is above all Human, in what best characterises us as such.

Salesforce's presentation of the "Trusted Enterprise" concept, with its five pillars, brings nothing new conceptually, except in its composition, well-aligned with the context in which we live. The implementation of this strategy in Products, on the other hand, shows Salesforce's great ability to understand our reality and innovate by delivering products that meet companies' needs.




Amongst the many themes covered, the "Digital HQ" pillar had a special focus, as all companies must prepare for total digitalisation. And not only will the right management technologies be enough, but also the communication technologies, internal or external to the company. In this sense, Salesforce's biggest bet is Slack, which will change the way we interact, organise and manage our work. The company is committed to continuously integrating Slack with each of its products and applications.

How to materialize the Future of Work based on these pillars, is a mandatory exercise for companies that want to thrive. Leading companies like Salesforce point the way and call everyone to build a more sustainable, safe and healthy, digital and trustable present, always keeping the Customer at the centre of everything they do.

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